Why any guy needs a pair of black jeans

A pair of black jeans is one of the best purchases you can make when buying new clothes. While you should have a small selection of different trousers, black jeans are incredibily versatile in their use.

For the bigger guys like myself, well-fitting black trousers are a great slimming choice. It’s generally well known that black is a slimming colour. Fit is king, of course. You should ensure that the jeans have a tapered fit where they slim down when they go lower so it doesn’t drape like a curtain, enlarging your sillouet.

Black jeans are also greatly versatile in the sense that you can create many looks with them. Go for a minimal look with just a plain coloured shirt or sweater with sneakers, dress them with a nice flannel shirt and a pair of chukka boots, anything is possible and most importantly: The looks will feel completely different. Most of the time, people won’t notice you are only switching out one clothing item.

You can dress them up and down. One of the looks described in the former paragraph is great for any casual setting, but if you want to feel a bit dressier, combine it with a nice dress shirt and a blazer and suddenly you have the semi-formal style, great for at work or just a night out with friends when you want to feel fancy. Now don’t go wearing black jeans to an extremely formal event like a black-tie party or gala.  Don’t be stupid and know when to fully dress up.

Finally, black jeans never go out of style. If you buy a pair of black jeans now, they will still work ten years from now. They would still work ten years ago. They are an age old staple that will never dissappear.

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