Save Money When Losing Weight

Losing weight is an amazing process. Every couple of weeks you look at your before and after pics and realize how far you’ve gotten up to that point. But there is one downside: that perfect fitting dress shirt suddenly is loose and baggy. The first time I lost weight this happened rather quickly. One moment I bought a new dress shirt to fit my body, and four weeks later it was all droopy and loose. Buying new clothes every time something is a bit more loose would be an expensive habit so these tips are to save money when losing weight.

Tip #1

Don’t buy expensive clothes

This is basically the most obvious, but it’s still an important one to realize. Don’t spend too much money when the clothes you are buying won’t fit you a few months later. For the basics you can shop at cheaper stores. C&A has a great collection of dress shirts and jeans that will not break the bank. For 10 to 20 euros you can get a good quality dress shirt. Their jeans are a bit pricier, at around 40 euros, but you can easily wear those a while longer, especially with tailoring. Which brings me to the next tip…

Tip #2

Invest in a tailor

A tailor is great for every stylish man. Even when you’re thin or have a muscular built, clothes won’t always fit you correctly. This is because they are mass produced to fit a general populace. When you apply the touch of a good tailor, the fit will become adjusted to you alone. Tailors don’t have to be expensive, but do find a good, local one.

Tip #3

Size down the outerwear

Okay, confession time. I have a jacket that I bought when I was my thinnest. It doesn’t fit me anymore. I still wear it. The jacket doesn’t close, but it still has a great look to it when I use it to layer a shirt or turtleneck. Sometimes you can buy clothes like that, jackets, vests etc. a size down. The only thing that you need to make sure off is that the shoulders fit perfectly, and that the fabric isn’t so far off that it is hanging on your sides.

Also don’t wear it on a rainy day where you want to close it, you’d look like a fool.

Tip #4

Thriftstore, baby!

It’s like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sang and rapped about: Thrift stores are the weight-losers best friend. The better thrift stores have a huge collection of articles of clothing that you can score for low prices. Do fit them, because usually the sizes aren’t representable anymore. Sometimes you’ll even find vintage clothing items you can’t find anywhere else. Thrift stores are also great for the enviroment, so you’re being green at the same time. Who doesn’t love a nature protector?

Tip #5

Don’t throw out old clothing.

If a hoodie or sweater becomes so oversized you don’t want to wear it anymore, retire it to gym clothes. Oversized sweaters and hoodies are a great choice to wear in the gym or when running outside. This way you can save money on buying new gym clothes.
Just don’t wear a dress shirt to the gym… but if you do, send photos!



So these are my four styletips to buy better clothes without breaking the bank when losing weight. Do you have any tips? Leave them behind in the comments!

Happy shopping.

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