Gym Fears: How To Overcome The Fear

It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or fat, going to the gym for the first time ever can be a scary thing. All these devices you know nothing about, all these giant, muscular men lifting and looking all angry. From what I’ve heard and read is that most people feel intimidated and judged. That’s why it’s time for me to tell you how to overcome the fear of the gym and start working out.

Fear #1

People will judge me!

Let me push this preconception out right now. There is no one in the gym who will judge you for being there. When I first went inside the gym I had this fear as well, and what I noticed was that nobody really looked at me. The only reason someone would look at me was to see if I was done using something. You are there to improve your quality of life. To get stronger, or to lose fat. That is commendable. Even the most muscular, Dwayne Johnson looking badass in that gym started out having never lifted a weight in his life. This is your start, and it’s better to start later than never.

Fear #2

I don’t know anything about working out!

How is this even an excuse in this day and age? First of all, there is the internet which can help you in so many ways. Workout routines, video tutorials, image tutorials… everything is easier nowadays. And even if you are scared that you might mess up the form, there are personal trainers you can hire for a session to show you how to perform every move. If you don’t have the money…. ask. When I first started the bench press, I was so weak I couldn’t even lift the bar three times before it collapsed on me. So I asked one of the biggest guys there to spot me.  He kindly obliged, instructed me on my form and helped me make the lift, which was 20 kilos max (only the bar) while making me feel like I was the strongest guy in that gym. Most weightlifters are incredibly nice guys and will help you the second you ask for help, as long as you don’t interrupt them in the middle of a set.

Fear #3

I don’t have any good looking gym clothes!

This point sounds ridiculous, but this blog is all about looking better so this is a point some people might run into. So listen up, as we are trying our best to keep looking better every day, including losing weight and dressing better, keep in mind that you will not look good when you are a sweaty mess. That’ll be you after a workout, especially the first times. So don’t get any good looking gym clothes. Work out in the cheapest, most comfortable feeling joggers. Wear a T-shirt even if it does not compliment your body. You are not there to look good, you are there to get better looking.

If you do want to look better while working out, make it some goals. Every time you reach a point in body change or weight you are proud of, buy some new gym clothes. Over time you will see the improvement not only on your body but in your gym attire as well. Maybe one day you’ll look as good as Channing Tatum working out, who knows?

Fear #4

What if I don’t like it?

Of course this is a possibility. If you find out that you do not enjoy the gym, find some other way to work out that you do enjoy. Take a group lesson. There are so many different kinds of workouts available that you will find something that you enjoy.

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