Accessories: What Do Girls Like?

Accessories are an amazing way to compliment your outfits. They can change a simple, boring outfit into something very cool and unique that just shows your personality. You can accessorize in many ways: rings, watches, bracelets, scarfs, hats, necklaces… there are many more.

You need to feel good about the accessories you wear for them to work. This is why when you are looking for them, try them on first and check them out in a mirror. If you don’t feel amazing when you see them don’t buy them. They need to make you feel a tiny bit more special so you will walk with more confidence showing them off.

As a fat man losing weight there are a few things you can and should spend some more money on because they will fit even when you are thinner. Shoes and accessories are some of those things. For some research, I asked a few female friends of mine to tell me what kind of accessories they would like on guys. I will write this down with some of my own commentary and insights and reveal what kind of accessories I wear myself.

accessory #1


Now I told you that you could spend a bit more money on accessories. But this is one exception. I wear a ring, and when I bought it fit snugly on my ring finger. Right now I need to switch between my middle and ring finger because when you’re losing fat, you are losing fat everywhere, including your fingers. Still, you can get some fun rings for a cheap price. The most important part with rings is to not overdo it. Don’t fill every finger with a ring. For most guys, I would advice one to two rings at most. Personally, I wear one ring, which I bought in Rome for 1 euro. It’s a nice ring and it’s a nice memento but it wasn’t so expensive that when I can’t wear it anymore I’ll feel like I cheated myself.

The women I asked all said they liked rings on guys. Rings send out a sign of loyalty and confidence when worn right, which are aspects of a personality that women usually like.

accessory #2


Wristwear part 1! The women I asked all named bracelets as a good accessory for men. Now bracelets are one of those very personal things. I like very low-key, minimalistic bracelets like leather straps or beaded bracelets in dark colors. Silver bracelets are not something I could pull off, but you might. Try it out and wear what feels and looks right to you. The women I asked all agreed with me on the minimal approach when it comes to bracelets. Small, wooden beads were the most popular followed by leather straps. They did say that if a man can pull off a silver bracelet without looking like they just came back from a hip-hop video set it would be an amazing look.

accessory #3


Hats have a bit of a reputation online due to the unfashionable ‘nice guys’ on the internet who wear them to think they look classy. Fedora Kids usually wear cheap trilby hats that do not match their outfit, are oversized for their head and just plain horrible. Hats are very difficult to pull off, especially when you wear cheap ones. If you do want a hat, do some proper research and maybe go to an actual hat shop. Hat shops will help you with the proper fit, shape, and form that matches with your head. Do not buy a hat from shops like Zara, H&M, and C&A. They are bad quality and their only use is to become part of a cringe-meme on the internet.

The only hat I wear, and only on occasion, is a straw Panama hat that I match with a white, silk shirt in the summer. That’s it. Hats do not suit my head and therefore I am not the one to give proper advice on this subject. Only twenty percent of the women I asked about accessories named hats and agreed with the difficulty of pulling them off, so beware.

Accessory #4


Every woman I asked named watches. This is the one accessory that is a must-have for any man.

Now I hear you thinking: “But I have a phone, why do I need a watch?”. Well, first of all, it’s really annoying that you grab your phone everytime you need to check the time. If someone asks you for the time, grabbing your phone, switching on the screen and looking at it is very impersonal. With a watch, you can just raise your arm and show it.

Second of all: Watches are amazing for any outfit. You can get a sporty watch for your athleisure, you can get dressy watches to match your suit. You can get all kind of different bands and straps and styles and looks. Go for minimalistic or big diver watches. The best part of all: Watches come at all price-categories. You don’t need an 8000 euro Rolex for your watch to look great. There are 50 euro Timex and Seiko watches which are of great build quality that looks amazing. Watches are so amazing that there is just not enough space in this article to write about and I will write a bigger, watch-specific article in the future. For now, just remember: Watches are amazing.


So this is just a small list of accessories. I’ll post more about accessories in the future because it’s just such a broad subject. What accessories do you wear? Post it down in the comments!

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