I deleted my facebook, and here is why…

Earlier this year, I temporarily disabled my Facebook because I was getting into trouble with my school life. It helped, and when the holidays started I reactivated my Facebook-account so I could read up on my friends again, and connect with people.
Today, I deleted it.
I was scrolling through my feed, and it dawned upon me; I am sick and tired of people’s overreliance on the internet. The internet made everything easier, and often, for the greater good. Learning new skills is way easier with websites like YouTube and Skillshare. information is easier to come by, and writing an e-mail is way faster than writing a letter.
These things are all great, and there are even greater things that the internet is useful for. But, Facebook started to annoy me. It showed me a side of people, that was their worst side. Every article is full of hate-filled comments, hating about other people. The arguments are usually ad hominems, filled with prejudice and stupidity, and dare I say it, racism. But strangers were not the reason I deleted my page. The reason I deleted it was the over reliance on it. People don’t talk anymore. People post cryptic Facebook messages, expect you to read it and if you don’t see it (because of Timelines, or not logging in) they get pissed off at you for no reason. Fuck that. I’m done with it. If you want to say something, call me, text me, or for heaven’s sake tell me in real life. Don’t go on Facebook and make a post and then get pissed of if I don’t read it.
The mindset has changed. It’s so easy to send people gifts via the internet that people don’t even appreciate it when you take the time to go to a real brick-and-mortar store and pick out something special for them. If I’m not on Facebook, people will expect less of these instant gratifications from me.

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