5 Tips to improve your style/looks when you’re fat

Let’s not sugarcoat it: I am fat. Not chubby. Not overweight. Just fat. Now being fat is no excuse to mess up your dressing style. You should always try your best to present your best self to the outside world, even if you are slightly rotund. So in this article, I’ll write down my five tips to improve your style and looks when you are fat.

Tip #1

Wear clothing that fits you perfectly.

What I used to do, and see happening a lot, is that bigger guys wear clothes that are actually a size too big for them. They might think it hides their belly or that it fits more comfortably, but it really doesn’t. Excess fabric on your outfit actually enlarges your silhouette, and is making you look even bigger and even shorter than you actually are. What you want to do is wear comfortably, but close-fitting clothes. Pants should fit snug around your legs, without compressing them, so try to wear a slim fit or even skinny fit jeans: Skinny fit isn’t skintight in most upper sizes, but they do taper off down.

If you can’t find clothing that fits well, invest in a good tailor. Adjusting clothing isn’t too pricey and will improve the look of your outfits tremendously. I would even advise you to go to a tailor even if you aren’t overweight, but if you’re not you’re probably not reading this article.


Tip #2

Improve your skincare

There’s a chance you already take good care of your skin. If this applies to you, go towards Tip #3, if not…
Skincare is extremely important to keep you looking fine. If you think that celebrities like Robert Downey Jr, George Clooney, Tom Cruise and many more got to look that great at their age because of genetics, you are wrong. These actors take great care of their body, and this includes their skin. So start looking at everyday face washed and most importantly: Moisturiser. There are plenty of products out there, just go to your local pharmacy and ask for their advice.

Tip #3

Layer your outfits

When you are a bigger guy, simple jeans and a T-shirt are probably not a good look for you. They aren’t very flattering to a body type like ours. Does this mean you need to throw out all of your T-shirts? No. Start thinking about layering outfits. Wear a cool, leather jacket over it. Even dress shirts, which look a lot better than T-shirts, improve style-wise when you layer them. Everyone knows the famous dress shirt and cardigan look, but maybe even try out a waistcoat for a more dressier version. Think ‘ The Thin White Duke’ from David Bowie. 1) Lose weight. There is no denying it that when you lose weight everything will be better. Clothes will fit you better, your options for outfits improve and you will feel better as well.

Tip #4

Ditch the crew neck

This might be a more personal taste, but… I don’t like crewnecks. For those that don’t know, crewnecks are t-shirts or sweaters where the neck hole is round. I advise you to check out the V-neck. The v-neck has a more square shape, which indicates more strength. It also gives the illusion of a longer neckline, separating the head more from the body which improves the silhouette you see. This also works great for layering: V-neck sweaters with a dress shirt underneath just look better than crewnecks.

Tip #5

Lose Fat, Gain Muscle.

Okay, I went through this entire article without telling you to lose weight. And you know, if you don’t want to lose weight, this is your choice. I am not the one to decide what you need to do. Just ignore this final tip and move on. That’s life. But let me tell you about myself.

Back in 2015, I had decided that I had enough of being this oversized marshmallow shaped man. I started working out, watching what I ate and drank and the pounds flew off. Before I knew it, I was 30 kilos lighter and I looked amazing. Better than I ever had before. I didn’t just look better, I felt better. It’s no secret that being overweight carries many health risks. If you don’t have any health problems right now, they might show up later in life and even then, carrying around all that weight on your knee joints isn’t so good either. If you are out of breath after walking up stairs it’s also a bad sign.

Sadly, I gained the weight I lost back when I started studying. But I have started losing the weight again. And I am gonna write a series of articles on that subject as well.


So these were my five tips to look better, even if you are overweight. Carry on, gentlemen!

Student, English Teacher, Photographer. Trying to live a healthier life. Trying to get more interest in fashion and all that.

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